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Secwepemc Sacred Fire Is Lit in Turtle Valley

No Biosolids on Unceded Secwepemc Territory!!!!

by Secwepemc People at Sacred Fire

Secwepemc Sacred Fire Is Lit in Turtle Valley

May 18, 2019

Secwepemc Sacred Fire Begins in Turtle Valley

The Okanagan-Shuswap Confederacy Declaration Acknowledges our Sovereign Rights over our Traditional Territory!!!!

Today is the date where Arrow Transportation’s injunction comes into effect. Last week, the BC Supreme Court approved this injunction to remove the blockade that was set up by concerned residents from Turtle Valley for this date. People had set up a blockade to stop Arrow Transportation trucks from dumping Class B biosolids on Turtle Valley Bison Ranch. Initially, Little Shuswap Indian Band had made a deal to use the biosolids to expand the Talking Rock Golf Course. Both locations are on top of aquifers.

We need ALL Secwepemc up at Turtle Valley IMMEDIATELY to help stand against and stop the dumping of biosolid waste on our sacred lands that threaten the water and all living beings including the people who live in the area.
The interim injunction is due today and all the seme7 who were helping were threatened to be sued so they all left. This can only be done by Secwepemc because it is our territory and it is our duty to protect it!!! Don’t be afraid, like in Gidumt’en, unceded Wet’suwet’en, the RCMP falsely arrested people and dropped charges because they know we have the right to protect our land! The Secwepemc DIA Chiefs who signed this agreement did so illegally without the Consent of our People!!! There are currently police helicopters circling the area. The time to stand is now!!!
We also need help for gas and food for our Secwepemc land and water protectors, so if Secwepemc and allies can please send donations to, your help will be very much appreciated. There is no cell phone service up there so we need able bodies there to support ASAP. It is located outside of Chase near Swylax (Little Shuswap).
Kukstsemc thank you for your support and please share far and wide !!!!!




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