It’s not the Coronavirus that Kills, It’s Capitalism... (March 1st 2020)

Mar 2, 2020

It’s not the Coronavirus that Kills, It’s Capitalism... (March 1st 2020)

What the Coronavirus Exposed (Nuevo Curso - Comunia, February 28th 2020)
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...the spread of the virus could have been prevented or mitigated. But, as Nuevo Curso points out, due to cuts or lack of funding for health systems, the epidemic risks overwhelming health systems if large numbers of people are infected at the same time. It is reported that 10% of infections lead to the patient requiring intensive care, such as respiratory assistance. If a very large number of patients need urgent intensive care while hospitals are overwhelmed, many may die. This is what happened in Wuhan, where hospitals were completely overwhelmed by the arrival of an increasing number of seriously ill people to the point where they had to turn patients away and let them die on the street. The ability of the virus to spread rapidly and overwhelm the health system explains the drastic efforts to slow the speed of propagation, despite the economic impact of closing entire cities. Both in its origin and its spread, the coronavirus epidemic is an epidemic of capitalism.

The coronavirus is also an opportunity for the world bourgeoisie to regain control over the international proletariat at the media and ideological levels to erase from minds and memories the succession of workers’ struggles and massive social revolts of recent months. Calls for national unity in the name of health and the fight against the epidemic are systematic. Above all, the spread of the virus is already the veil advanced to hide the real causes of the explosion of the coming economic and financial crisis. It is only an accelerating factor because of the sudden economic paralysis it has forced the bourgeoisie, starting with the Chinese, to finally decree. The crisis and the dramas that it will multiply will be presented to us as caused by the coronavirus, even though its outbreak has for several months been part of the international slowdown, or even the actual recession, as in Europe, of production and trade. Finally, the coronavirus is an opportunity to strengthen state police and population control measures by quarantining entire towns and regions.....

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