Ohio train chemical disaster hits Ontario

Feb 20, 2023

Ohio train chemical disaster hits Ontario

Ohio chemical train disaster drifts to Canada - Air modelling and Incidents

East Palestine OH, to Canada : Air dispersal models locate the train fallout traveling north of the border, and in Ontario, people and pets are experiencing health impacts, and there's evidence on cars and in snow and even out in the middle of Lake Erie.

This short video documents some of what is happening, while Global News headline declares "Ohio derailed train chemical cloud 'highly unlikely' to impact Canada" and CBC also says "highly unlikely."

What dangers are people and our non-human relatives now being exposed to?

What are Canadian environmental organizations doing about this?

The video includes a call from Ohio Sierra Club to people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, NY, and Ontario: "We would like to hear from you, collecting information on #OhioChemicalDisaster #EastPalestineOH #OhioChernobly #ChemicalSpill and it's far reaching effects."

List of links to all sources included in the video: EquitableEducation.ca/2023/ohio-train-chemical-ontario

Video version *with music* is available on Twitter and (downloadable for re-posting) at Archive.org

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