Brad Wall's Saskatoon fundraiser: resistance grows, donors plough through

May 2, 2017

Brad Wall's Saskatoon fundraiser: resistance grows, donors plough through

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Shortly after unveiling a harsh austerity budget, cutting everything from education to public transportation to children's hearing aids, and introducing a corporate tax cut, Premier Brad Wall threw a posh fundraiser in Saskatoon on April 27. $250 a plate and $5000 for special access to the Premier, with proceeds going to Wall's conservative Saskatchewan Party.

As part of a gathering resistance, a rally was held outside. Protesters, with the okay of Saskatoon police, halted cars entering and exiting the venue for no more than three (3) minutes per vehicle.

As seen in this video (at 0:17-0:25, 1:18-1:21, and 1:41-1:47) and by many eye-witnesses, several protesters were driven into while standing peacefully in front of cars.

Focused on one incident of an impatient capitalist dring into people who then sat, visibly upset, on the car's hood, media reports have treated the Sask Party donors sympathetically. While these individuals, a number of whom are said to be severely over-wealthed, have escaped scrutiny, the protesters have been vilified, including by members of the provincial NDP.

The next high-profile Saskatchewan Party fundraiser takes place in June in Regina.

Video by Eagleclaw Thom
Narration from a talk given for SaskForward by John Clarke