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A Few Photos From the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty of the #J26 Anti-Austerity Action in Toronto

by Scott Neigh

Members of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty in the anti-poverty march between Moss Park and the larger Ontario Common Front march beginning form Allan Gardens in Toronto on January 26. (Photo credit: SCAP)
The abandoned building taken over by militant anti-poverty activists and used for a "Housing Now" banner drop during the January 26 anti-poverty march that was part of the Ontario Common Front day of action protesting the austerity policies of the Ontario Liberal Party at that party's leadership convention. (Photo credit: SCAP)
Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty member Gary Kinsman addressing the anti-poverty rally at Moss Park as part of the Ontario Common Front day of action against the Ontario Liberal Party's austerity agenda. (Photo credit: SCAP)
Members of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty at Allan Gardens to join the larger Ontario Common Front march. (Photo credit: SCAP)

On Saturday, January 26, more than 25,000 people marched on the leadership convention of the Ontario Liberal Party to demand an end to the provincial government's austerity measures which, protesters say, amount to attacks on workers, poor people, and other ordinary Ontarians. The main march was organized by the Ontario Common Front, a provincial coalition of labour and community organizations initiated by the Ontario Federation of Labour. It was joined by a march of several hundred militant anti-poverty activists, including members of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty (see photos). The anti-poverty march began from Moss Park, took over one of the many abandoned buildings on their march route and did a banner drop demanding "Housing Now," and brought to the broader OCF action their message of opposition to the cuts made by the Liberals to the Community Start-up and Maintenance Benefit for people on social assistance.

For more on the day of action, see this report by John Bonnar.

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