AAAMP newsletter: Large collection of media stories! Also a few new events, opportunities.

Oct 28, 2019

AAAMP newsletter: Large collection of media stories! Also a few new events, opportunities.

Oct. 28 Algonquin Anishinaabeg Aki Media Project
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Kwey Kwey,

Today's newsletter is long, with lots of content in the form of media pieces.

So first are 2 short sections: a few opportunities, and new upcoming events. Then the third section is the lengthy listing of articles, videos, and audios.

Please see the summary table of contents to see what you might look for (a fair number of the media pieces are in French / en Francais).

------- TABLE OF CONTENTS -------
Current Opportunities:
* Contribute to community newspapers in Ottawa: The Leveller; or, The Peace & Environment News.
* Volunteer at National Art Gallery international Indigenous exhibition opening Nov 7th.
Upcoming Events:
* Oct 29: Karen McBride, Ottawa Writers Festival
* Nov 9-10: A7G Elders and Youth Gathering (Ottawa)
* Nov 14-15: International Conference on Mining & Climate Change (Ottawa)
* Nov 30: deadline for $1000 grants, Jane Goodall Institute [in previous newsletter]
Media pieces (written, video, audio) include:
* Commemorating the Children who died at Residential Schools * Viens Commission Report * New Monuments * Water activism * Reports on cultural gatherings and education system * Chaudiere Falls legal battle * Call for Moose Moratorium in La Verendrye * Sunshine Tenasco's book Nibi's Water Song * Karen McBride's book Crow Winter * Claude Latour's exhibit Makwa's Return * Caroline Monnet's film Bootlegger (shooting in KZ Nov11-Dec13) *
... scroll down for the full descriptions and links for each ...


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Any feedback, questions, or to include items for the next newsletter,
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- AAAMP (Algonquin Anishinaabeg Aki Media Project)

The Leveller - Ottawa community newspaper
"Drop us a line with your ideas and input at Please also have a look at our Submission Guidelines and Checklist:
As a head's up, due dates for this issue will be:
* Monday, October 28 – Early date that guarantees feedback and time for revisions,
* Wednesday, October 30 – Final date"
Peace and Environment News (PEN) - Ottawa community newspaper
published by PERC, Peace & Environment Resource Centre
*Posted Oct 19: "Writers wanted! Currently looking for writers on the following topics: battery tech & recycling, mental health & burnout in nonprofits, climate action for people who rent, youth climate leaders.
Interested? Email!"

National Art Gallery - Abadakone exhibit welcoming and opening
"Call for those who would like to volunteer at the National Gallery of Canada on November 7th to greet and meet the Indigenous artists from around the world. We are looking for various language speakers too... [and] we have a special role for folks who are interested in bringing their most beautiful and best (personality and outfits/regalia should you wish)..." Full post:

*CONTACT: Send Jaime an email
There are a few still-upcoming events & deadlines in last newsletter:
*Including: Tues Oct 29, Karen McBride at Ottawa Writer's Festival
Also note some other upcoming events not featured last newsletter:

3rd annual A7G Elder and Youth Gathering
Nov 9-10 in Ottawa. Hosted by Assembly of Seven Generations

International conference on climate change and mining
Nov 14-15 in Ottawa. Hosted by MiningWatch Canada
Includes opening from Monique Manatch as well as Grand Chief Verna Polson.


Remembering children who died at residential schools
Ceremonial cloth unveiled on Sept 30, Orange Shirt Day
* Included in story: Frank, Margaret, Jackie & Eddie Pizendewatch (Cote)

‘It’s too weak’: Quebec regional chief says Viens commission report doesn’t go far enough
Long Point First Nation welcomes Viens Commission final report
Inauguration d'une œuvre en hommage aux femmes autochtones de Val-d'Or
(Monument in honor of Val-d'Or Indigenous women who spoke out against police violence, sparking the Viens Commission)
(Timiskaming) Une sculpture pour perpétuer la voix d’Algonquines disparues
L’œuvre de Karl Chevrier fait écho aux robes rouges
Les oubliés de Kitigan Zibi
Des habitants de la communauté algonquine du Québec n'ont pas accès à de l'eau potable depuis 20 ans.
Winneway, la première communauté autochtone au Québec à joindre le mouvement Bleu Terre
Grandmothers take next steps in legal battle to determine authority to represent Algonquins
The Algonquin grandmothers’ fight for the sacred Chaudiere falls
Controversy over Algonquin identify of re-elected Liberal MP Marc Serré
Miaja, deux jours de réflexion pour conserver la langue anichinabée
Pikogan partage son garde-manger naturel
Mitcimi8ac nourrit et transmet les valeurs traditionnelles

« Medewin » ou la guérison par la spiritualité autochtone
Un grand rassemblement spirituel autochtone près de la communauté algonquine de Lac-Simon, en Abitibi

How do teachers know what they don’t know? Indigenous stories are a place to start
*Featured in story: Colinda Clyne, at Upper Grand District School Board
La porte d’entrée d’un film
"Depuis 2009, Caroline Monnet a réalisé une dizaine de courts métrages et elle s’apprête à tourner son premier long, Bootlegger [au Kitigan Zibi]"
* Also: Profile on Bootlegger film being made in Kitigan Zibi (between Nov 11 - Dec 13)


Karen McBride's debut novel "Crow Winter"
Profile of Claude Latour's exhibit "Makwa's Return"
* Also: CKCU interview with Latour, his Mōnz (Moose) bench at the new canal footbridge in Ottawa (starts 27:55)


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