Algonquin AAMP media project - Media pieces Jan.2019 Newsletter

Jan 4, 2019

Algonquin AAMP media project - Media pieces Jan.2019 Newsletter

#AWOTD, Comic, New Books, Recent Articles + Audios + Videos
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Kwey Kwey / Greetings,

This edition of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg Aki Media Project newsletter is in two parts, due to a large amount of content.

This email is all the media pieces.

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* AWOTD, Algonquin Word Of The Day

* Comic: Jay Odjick's series in the Ottawa Citizen.

* Books coverage: Albert Dumont's new book; Jay Odjick's upcoming book.

* Articles: Algonquin artist exhibit in Montreal; Algonquin spiritual advisor at Anglican church; Government's Rights + Recognition Framework; Indigenous place names; Carleton University's new Indigenous strategy committee.

* Audios: Reconciliation or Betrayal as Zibi development residents move in; Algonquin land claim for Eastern Ontario; Kitigan Zibi teen on gender equality and MMIWG.

* Videos of: Kayla Whiteduck; Veldon Coburn and Chief Lance Haymond; Terri and Jill Buckshot; Albert Dumont; 1991 Algonquin delegation to Ottawa.


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Algonquin Word of the Day is, Anamikodàdinàniwan / New Year's Day 


Jay Odjick is now publishing a series of full-page comics in the Ottawa Citizen on contemporary Indigenous issues in Canada.

Read his introduction here:

The first comic - about drinking water on reserves, featuring Kitigan Zibi - was published in December. He has posted it on Twitter:

The Citizen has a video talking about the comic:


Albert Dumont's new poetry book, Sitting By The Rapids
* Albert's write-up from the book launch, and how to purchase:
* CBC Radio All In A Day interview:
* Half-hour video discussion with Monique Manatch on IndigenUs:

Jay Odjick's upcoming kids book Bear For Breakfast: Makwa kidji kijebà wìsiniyà
- This book with Robert Munsch will be published first in unilingual English and French versions, then in bilingual English+Algonquin and French+Algonquin versions
* Article and audio interview with Barrie's 107.5 Kool FM radio:
* Article from Huffington Post
* One-page PDF guide from publisher Scholastic:


Algonquin artist uses beadwork and found objects to explore stories of resilience
Rebellion of my Ancestors is Jobena Petonoquot's first solo exhibition 

Anglican church welcomes Indigenous teacher who once renounced Christianity
Albert Dumont is the new spiritual 'teacher-in-residence' at Christ Church Cathedral

Lynn Gehl on the Federal Government's Indigenous Rights & Recognition Framework

Indigenous Place Names and Akikpautik, by Lynn Gehl
* Including print-friendly image version

Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives committee formed   

AUDIO (each also has written/article accompaniment)

'You don't build condos in the Vatican': Tensions linger as 1st
tenants move in to Ottawa-Gatineau 'Zibi' development

Ottawa Indigenous Land Claim Tests Liberals' Nation-To-Nation Promise

Anishnabeg teen Mia Tenasco calls on her peers to end violence, stigma of gender inequality


Algonquin delegation to Ottawa, October 1991

New ELMNT-FM 95.7 hosts Kayla Whiteduck and Missy Knott interviewed

"Self-Made Metis" event at Carleton with Darryl Leroux and Algonquin focus with Veldon Coburn and Kebaowek FN Chief Lance Haymond

IndigenUs on Rogers TV:
* NOVEMBER: Monique Manatch talks with Terri and Jill Buckshot, including about the
overdose death of their son/brother Casey

Indigital Cultures Gathering - Welcome and Prayer by Albert Dumont

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