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Algonquin AAMP media project newsletter July 2018 p2

New Algonquin youth films via Wapikoni Mobile !! Also events and other media.

by Algonquin AAMP

Algonquin AAMP media project newsletter July 2018 p2

Kwey Kwey / Greetings,

In this Algonquin Anishinaabeg Aki Media Project email:

Video Camp For Girls+ / Albert Dumont at Iskotew Lodge / Chuck Commanda canoe making / Plenty Canada: Land Connections / Garden Tours incl M&J Lapointe's

Six new Wapikoni Mobile films by Algonquin youth / Peter Di Gangi: Algonquin Territory & Ottawa River Watershed / Zibi development press event

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Note that our twitter account @AlgonquinAAMP is still suspended and we're not sure how to have it restored(!?)



Video Camps for Girls+ ages 13-17, in Ottawa
Hosted by SAW Video - Apply by July 19
Application form attached to this email

Elder Albert Dumont will be at Iskotew Lodge, Health Canada
July 18 & 23-27 - Brooke Claxton bldg, Tunney's Pasture Ottawa
He will be offering noon-hour Teachings and private consultations.
Contact: Christine Chapman 613-957-3216 

Chuck Commanda canoe making at Murphy's Point Provincial Park
Ongoing until July 20th

Cross Cultural Connections with the Land
Sat July 21 day long event @ Plenty Canada: 266 Plenty Lane, Lanark
1) Traditional opening and closing ceremonies with Elder Larry McDermott
2) Knowledge sharing circles, touching on subjects like forestry, wild rice, invasive species, and Algonquin cultural teachings
3) A traditional Algonquin lunch
4*) 3-hour workshop hosted by Algonquin master birch bark canoe builder, Chuck Commanda
Advance TICKETS: $35 per person for items 1-3. *OR $50 per person for items 1-4

Four-garden tour: Revitalising Food and Land
Sun July 29 10am-5pm near Perth, Smith Falls, Westport. $59
Jack & Mireille Lapointe's garden is one of the four visits:
"Hear about growing food and medicine, raising chickens, and designing a house that is meant to last for their grandchildren. Mireille, former co-chief of Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, teacher, mother and grandmother, will share her perspective about respecting and taking responsibility for the land, and reconnecting with traditional teachings regarding our relationship with plants as well as manoomin (wild rice) harvesting."




Six short videos have recently been made by Algonquin youth through the Wapikoni Mobile program (descriptions and links further below)

Wapikoni Mobile is a travelling audiovisual and musical creation studio dedicated to Indigenous youth. Since 2004, Wapikoni has visited 28 nations and accompanied thousands of participants who worked to direct over 1,000 short films translated into several languages. These films have received 160 awards and honours at national and international festivals and events. Wapikoni Mobile became an official UNESCO partner in 2017.
See and their social media (FB/Tw/IG)

NOTE:  This year, Wapikoni's Cinema on Wheels tour offering screenings in local communities is currently in the maritimes and is slated to arrive in Quebec on August 20 where it'll stay until mid-September. To book a free screening or suggest a community screening, contact Geronimo Inutiq: - see their website for scheduled events.

The six videos are:

= Aboriginal Individual by Algonking (Jonas Decoursay) depicts the struggle of youth growing up on a reservation and having to face the reality of what First Nations today are left with.

= Charlie Charlie p2 - Kitiganik’s scariest franchise is back with a second installment! One summer night, young Landen Jerome dreams about friends who disappeared last year from their elementary school. He decides to face his fear and investigate the school… in the middle of the night.

= Misidjipzin (Birch Cradle) follows Siarra McDougall, a young woman of Kitiganik, who spends time with her kokom while making a birch craddle. This film explores the importance of family and passing down knowledge to future generations.

= My Favourite Food is Indian Tacos, my Favourite Drink is Iced Tea and my Favourite Thing is Drumming is about the passion for drumming and traditionnal singing that Derius share with his friends. This film is the affirmation of Derius Matchewan Papatie's courage.

= Wajak: At the End of the Lake - On a Sunday morning, as the sun is rising, Peter Poucachiche wakes his grandson Kobe Wawatie up to go moose hunting. A rather silent journey on Kitiganik’s territory.

= Our Land - Norman Matchewan, a young Anishnabe leader and community activist, is fighting to promote the sustainable development of Kitiganik’s renewable resources.


"Algonquin Territory: Indigenous title to land in the Ottawa Valley is an issue that is yet to be resolved" recently published in Canada's History magazine

Previously, Di Gangi spoke on this history of the Ottawa River Watershed:
and specifically in relation to the Chaudiere Islands sacred site

And in the 2000s was one of the writing team* for the 
"Background Study for Nomination of the Ottawa River Under the Canadian Heritage Rivers System"
* some of the other writing team members were William Commanda and three Algonquin chiefs (Conrad Polson, Harry St Denis, and Kirby Whiteduck)

Also relevant:
New map of Ottawa River Watershed, by Canadian Geographic & Chawkers Foundation


The commpanies doing the "Zibi" development at the sacred waterfalls site in Ottawa/Gatineau held a press event yesterday, July 17. Press release:

Very little attention paid to Algonquin voices and issues in this coverage:

English media coverage

French media coverage


Algonquin Anishinaabeg Aki Media Project
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