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Global Citizens Against Hate Speech?

United Nations #SpreadNoHate Campaign Asks Citizens To Mobilize Against Hate Speech

by Daniel Johnson

  On Wednesday, December 2, at the Symposium on Hate Speech in the Media, organized by the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), the United Nations launched a campaign against hate speech, with senior officials calling for "a global mobilization of citizens as foot soldiers in the battle to uproot a scourge that seeks to unleash a clash of civilizations in the name of religion.", and encouraging people to spread this message using the  ‪#‎SpreadNoHate‬ hashtag. 

The symposium was mostly centred on media involved in conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, but activists in Canada know the issues are relevent here as well, with John Gormley still on the air in Saskatchewan despite openly calling for violence against Muslims,  while Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC has had to remove the comment sections from all stories about indigenous people because of the organized, systematic flood of racist comments on those stories. 


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