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Vancouver confronts racism

by Vancouver Media Co-op

On March 21 one of the largest gatherings of anti-racist and community groups took place outside Braid Station. Coming together in solidarity with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the 300-strong group also wished to confront a white supremacist rally that was said to start at the station. The group considered the rally a resounding success, and continued their honouring of the day at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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Confronting a hate group with

Confronting a hate group with anger is about the most hypocritical thing I have ever seen. Way to ensure these Neo-Nazi groups have even more reason to speak out against other races. It not only was not a success it is an utter disgrace.

Hypocrites, & idiots.

i am white and i am proud, that is not racist at all i have seen many non-whites completely blow their heritage out of proportion. other races get right up in the face with their cultures they have no respect, for white culture or anything. did anyone see that nigger, supporting assault completely pathetic. i have seen niggers on television advocating child abuse on more the one occasion. you have no reason to hate whites, or pro-white groups, because as of right now all races are equal in the eyes of the law. so what are you protesting, are you protesting to turn canada into a communist nation? THE TURNER DIARIES WHICH IS JUST A FRIGGIN BOOK WAS ILLEGALIZED AND THAT IS A COMPLETE CONTRADICTION OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ACT IN SECTION 2b in the charter of canadian rights and freedoms, and you showed up to sabotage a legal protest by inciting violence. you were obviously looking for a fight. you may aswell just give the nation a whole new name altogether if you are going to destroy canadian history, canadian european culture, and call everyone even those who fought on the canadian side, british side, or american side in WWII a nazi, just because of their race. i consider your antifa organization a criminal organization, because you support ILLEGAL immigration NOT immigration, you support terrorism. chasing 3 helpless people for exercising their constitutional rights is terrorism, you support assault. not to mention you stand behind the Jews, as soon as all of you "atheists" started preaching crap about Jesus being a Jew, local christian churchs turned into predator playgrounds. you are worse then the mob, which by the way is actually Jewish and not italian. this nation is not a place for foreign people and criminal enterprises like the cartel or mob to show up and turn safe neighborhoods & citys into ghettos,  provinces into gang war zones, or create nationwide chaos. whites need to remain a majority in canada not to oppress the other races but to ensure our nation sticks to it's roots. i don't see why these other races would come here if it is so horrible. there should be not a penny wasted on any alien races who come here illegally, and just because someone shows up right when their water is about to break it does not make that newborn child canadian. if your grandparents were illegal, you are an illegal alien, and this has nothing to do with race. but this nation needs to crack down on immigration before it get's destroyed by third world sadistic criminal mud cultures who have no intention on contributing anything to society but crime and economical disaster. canada has had the fortune of having safe neighborhoods and not being over run by criminal enterprises such as the mob or the cartel, unlike our neighbors the united states have. but that is merely luck of being at the right place at the right time. that will not last forever sooner or later a bunch of foreigners will show up and wreak havoc on this nation, and ridiculous gun control laws will make us even more vulnerable.  the statement "no one is illegal" is the utmost contempt for our national security.



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  Telling about Racism, It

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