Cannabis Dispensary protest, Regina Police Services Headquarters

Apr 6, 2018

Cannabis Dispensary protest, Regina Police Services Headquarters

Despite temperatures of around minus 18 with wind chill, around 100 people gathered April 6, 2018 at Regina Police Services Headquarters for the protest against police raids targetting cannabis dispensaries.

Many police departments across Canada have worked with Cannabis professionals to develop a strategy to help patients in the time leading up to legalization.

Ours has not even talked with us. Our rights as patients are being pushed aside; government is not addressing our needs and very limited access for extracts, edibles, creams, suppositories and other products. Our city has some of the worst crime and drug/ alcohol rates in Canada. We need our city officials to address the real problems in our city.

These raids are being done despite clear public opposition, and activists point out that shutting down the dispensaries increases the danger to public related to issues like fentenyl laced marijuana, gang control over cannabis sales, etc. 

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