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Toronto March to Close All Slaughterhouses, "die-in" & memorial (2013)

by Mary Fantaske and Anita Krajnc

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300 marchers chanted "Meat is murder! Stop the slaughter" in the first ever Toronto March to Close All Slaughterhouses. The march began at Christie pits and proceeded to downtown Toronto towards "Quality Meat Packers" pig slaughterhouse. Once reaching Wellington St., where the gruesome slaughterhouse is located, the march turned silent... a red die-in on the street in front of the pig slaughterhouse capped it, demonstrating deep convictions:

"Ramakrishna thereupon sat down among the poor creatures and wept, declaring that he would not move from thence, but would share their fate. Croesus was obliged to submit and do the will of his poor priest." -from Romain Rolland's biographies of Ramakrishna and Vivikananda in The New Prophets of India.

Thank you to Paris and Tolouse for starting the March in 2012 and Caroline, MaiNa, Lee Aiken, Debbie Fong, Lynne Barrington, Tracy Timmons, Hardayal Kalla, Edina Racz, Layla, Carlos, Sabrina, Paul, Felicia, Mina, Sinem, Helen, Steve, Robert, Chris, Louise, and numerous other team members for organizing this year's march and helping generate support for the march in cities around the world.

Let the spirit of the March continue all year round...

Join us for an all day vigil for the pigs on July 2, 2013 at Lake Shore and Strachan and a 24 hour vigil for the cows, sheep and chickens on July 4, 2013 at 1 Glen Scarlett Road (one block northwest of St. Clair and Keele). Join Toronto Pig Save and Toronto Cow Save for weekly vigils and MEDE - Meat, Egg and Dairy Exposé for weekly outdoor video education displays... Carry copies of vegan brochures and FORKS OVER KNIVES DVDs in your bag every day to distribute to friends and strangers. Wear animal rights t-shirts and become a walking billboard for our best friends... Let's make animal activism a way of life 24/7

Video by Mary Fantaske and Anita Krajnc,

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