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Sex education at a tender age will harm more than help


by Surjit Singh Flora

Surjit Singh Flora
Surjit Singh Flora

The Liberal government is reportedly reintroducing an updated version of the sex education curriculum for Ontario schools. which was withdrawn in 2010 because of objections from religious leaders and the public.
Earlier proposed to be introduced in 2010, the plan had then been withdrawn because of objections from religious leaders and the public.
The reintroduced sex education curriculum will teach children about homosexuality and same-sex marriages right from Grade 3; encourage discussions about puberty, including masturbation, in Grade 6; and talk about preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Grade 7 — besides information about oral and anal sex.
Premier Kathleen Wynne, sorry to say this, but let me point out: You are going to provide education about same sex, but during your own predecessor Premier Dalton McGuinty’s tenure, one of his own ministers was gay and he’d thought it wise to not educate his own member of caucus. Perhaps it’d be better to start with educating your own Liberal caucus, all presumably adult members, than experimenting on innocent kids.
Before introducing this controversial subject in schools, it would be awesome if you (the Premier) starts conducting classes for your MPPs and ministers.
It’s rightly said, “If you want to clean the city, start from your own house.”

Teaching small kids about sex education could have exactly the opposite effect than that it purportedly hopes to prevent — more rape crimes, and sex abuse on the streets, at home, clubs, schools, bars, etc.
It’s needless here to mention that crimes like murders, rape, drunk-driving, stabbing, etc are rising in day-to-day life. Teaching small kids about sex means putting something in innocent minds which could backfire. They might take it the other way around.
When kids reach Grade VII or VIII, they try to find out some or very little information about sex. By the time they graduate to Grade XI-XII and college, they do manage hook up with someone they like. Nature takes its course.
However, if you start teaching them about sex from Grade III or even earlier, by the time they reach Grades VI-VII, they might already have crossed the line. This is what I mean when I say they may take your doubtless well-meant efforts the other way around.
Kids being the way they are, they’re bound to take it the other way.

Is that what you want? Is that what the people of Ontario want?

To find out what Ontarians want, we need to get input from each and every parent, not just from a random survey of 4,000 or so people, or some think-tanks who dub themselves ‘progressive’ (suggesting those who don’t agree with their views aren’t).
And just because Ontarians gave you a majority does not mean you can do whatever you feel like. For the public giveth — and the public taketh away. See what’s just happened in the recent municipal elections in Brampton — and what could happen at the provincial level too.
Introduction of sex education in schools will see more sex crimes, more single mothers, those who just did it ‘for fun’ — at a time when they don’t even know yet what life means and how to take care of themselves independently.

We know our kids will know when they grow up what they want to study about. Far from helping, such education at a tender age will harm more than help; it’s going to create more crimes, problems for the parents, for the kids, for the police, for yourself.
Your observation is that our youth today need knowledge and skills to respond to these realities, associated with the rapidly changing, technology-driven world, while also managing the risks and challenges of cyber-bullying, sexting, the prevalence of online pornography and other such issues.
True. But these issues should be solved in different manners and in different ways — or better ask the subject expert to give their independent feedback about the exact age when students need sex education.
In view of the above, better you (Kathleen Wynne) keep your sex education plan into your magic bag — and start from within your own caucus. It will be better for you, and better for all Ontarians.

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