How to Pitch

A pitch is a short summary of the story that you want to write that allows our editors to decide if we want to publish it.

In around 200 words, tell us the essence of the story and give us a sense of the sources and research that you plan to draw on. Pitches should capture the content, tone, and style of the story you plan to submit. Communicate clearly, catch our interest, and show how the story you want to write matches the kinds of stories we want to publish!

Particularly if we don't already know you, include another couple of sentences to give us a very brief sense of who you are and why you feel you are suitable to write this story. If you have them, that can include links to work published elsewhere, but we are also keen to work with people with less experience.

Once you have written your pitch, send it to info[at] Our editorial collective is all volunteer at the moment, but we are generally able to send an initial response within a few days. We might just let you know that we are considering it. We might ask for more information. We might want to engage in some discussion about possible changes or ways to further develop the idea. And we will let you know as promptly as we can whether or not we are interested.