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Pitch your stories to the Media Co-op!

The Media Co-op is seeking pitches for stories and we have a (small) budget to pay contributors

Pitch your stories to the Media Co-op!
The Media Co-op has published news from the grassroots for over a decade, including 96 issues of The Dominion magazine, continually amplifying marginalized perspectives and voices often neglected by corporate media.
Starting this month, September, 2017, we are seeking pitches for stories to be published on the Media Co-op website, and we have a budget to pay for approximately four (4) stories per month. Many thanks to our long-time financial supporters for making this possible!
Stories can be produced in the form of text, audio, photo, and/or video. 
While we will consider pitches on any subject, we are right now especially interested in stories focused on:
  • Land defence and Indigenous sovereignty
  • Venezuela
  • Climate justice
  • Anti-racist organizing
  • $100 for short pieces giving some context
  • $150 for features thoroughly describing context
  • $200 for in-depth features and essays, including investigative reporting
To be considered for paid compensation, send pitches of no more than 200 words by the last day of the month. September 30th is the deadline to pitch for paid stories to be produced in October. October 31st is the deadline for paid Novembers stories, and so on.
Pitches received by the deadline will be reviewed the first week of each month, and those whose pitches are accepted will be assigned an editor.
You can also pitch immediately timely stories (eg. breaking news). These pitches will be considered throughout the month, and depending on the capacity of editors we hope to be able to accept some of them. Be advised we do not operate a newsroom and we may take a day or more to respond to pitches. 
After reading our pitch guidelines and editorial policy, please send pitches to
The Media Co-op has been on an editorial hiatus of sorts since the amazing Special Issue on Indigenous Land Defence, Warrior Up!, came out last summer, so please have patience with us as we try out this new editorial system and schedule. 
We look forward to your pitches and stories!
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