Quebec Takes Another Step Towards Being Tar Sands Free

Dec 1, 2010

Quebec Takes Another Step Towards Being Tar Sands Free

December 1, 2010


Quebec Takes Another Step Towards Being Tar Sands Free
Climate Justice Montreal Applauds CPTAQ Decision to Deny Permits for Portland-
Montreal Pipelines Dunham Pumping Station

Montreal – Community members in Dunham, QC, and organizers with Climate Justice Montreal welcomed the Quebec Commission for the Protection of Agricultural land’s decision to deny the rezoning of lands in the town southeast of Montreal to allow for the construction of a pumping station, which would facilitate the flow of dirty tar sands oil from Alberta through Quebec via an expanded Enbridge Trailbreaker pipeline.

“The decision affirms the community's position about the danger that bringing tar sands bitumen from Alberta to Quebec poses to the region,” said Cameron Fenton, an organizer with Climate Justice Montreal. "We hope the companies involved take notice that this decision points us in the right direction: rejecting dirty oil that only serves to profit corporations and which threatens local
waters and lands, and the climate."

Over the past year, Climate Justice Montreal has allied with community members in Dunham and the surrounding areas to work against the proposal to build a pumping station in the community. In August, organizers joined forces to hold a two week climate camp in the community, building the movement against the pipeline project in the community and all along its path.

“This is a important step towards shutting down the Trailbreaker pipeline project for good,
and making sure that Quebec stays out of the tar sands,” said Kawina Robichaud, an organizer with Climate Justice Montreal. “The pipeline reversal project should be scrapped, and the Quebec government should once and for all ban the import or transport of tar sands bitumen through the province."

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