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On Global Day of Action Canadians march together in Durban

As the Canadian government negotiates on behalf of polluters at the UN climate talks, Canadian civil society join together calling on them to put people and the planet first


December 3, 2011

Durban, South Africa - Canadians of all walks of life, including people from the Canadian Youth Delegation, the Polaris Institute, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Alternatives, the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and others have come together to march in the Global Day of Action at the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa.  


“Civil society from around the world are joining together today to demand that governments take action to address climate change,” said Tony Clark of the Polaris Institue, “but of all countries, the Canadian government who are recognized as the most obstructive at the climate negotiations.”  

In just the past week, more reports have been released exposing Canadian government lobbying to weaken the EU fuel quality directive regulations, to allow the import of dirty tar sands fuel. Minister Kent has also refused to deny that Canada will be legally withdrawing from the Kyoto protocol.  These actions commit the planet to irreversible climate change, violate human rights, and destroy Canada’s international reputation.  

“Unlike our government, who puts the interests of dirty industry before the interests of the people and the planet, Canadians want clean air, meaningful employment, and just futures for their children,” said Natasha Peters from the Canadian Youth Delegation.  

Representatives from labour, youth, and environmental groups from Canada will be marching together to call on the government to put lives of people before the pocket books of polluters.


Spokespeople from endorsing organizations will be available for comment.


CONTACT | Cameron Fenton

National Director, Canadian Youth Climate Coalition/Canadian Youth Delegate

Durban: 076.661.8820

International: +27.76.661.8820


FOR COMMENT | Tony Clark

Director, Polaris Institute

Durban: 082.370.1241

International: +27.82.370.1241


Natasha Peters

Canadian Youth Delegate to COP17

Durban: 072.090.8779

International: +


Roger Rashi
Campaigns Coordinator, Alternatives
Durban: 073-326153
International: +27.82.370.1241


High resolution photos from the march will be available afterwards


When: 9 am SAST onwards, Saturday, December 3, 2011.

Where: Botha’s Garden, Durban, South Africa


– 30 –


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