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Caught Red Handed, But No Evidence?

Recent dismissal of 2011 election fraud is fraud in itself.

by Daniel Johnson

The Commissioner for Elections Canada recently lied to the public when he announced that he was dropping the robocalls investigation. He said there wasn't enough evidence. Everyone familiar with the case knows that this is not true.

The facts that have already been made available to the public are enough to prosecute. 

It has been proven, openly admitted even, that automated calls were made that pretended to be from Elections Canada and gave false information to the effect that their polling station had moved.

This has been proven to have happened at least in 7 ridings. 

These calls were made through a company that works with the Conservative Party, and this tactic required involvement from somebody within the party authorized to use the Party's account with Rack 9.

If an official from another party had been caught using the same tactic, even proven to have phoned 1 person pretending to be Elections Canada, it would have been enough to overturn an election result and lay criminal charges to anyone connected just to 'send a strong message'.

Party's who have been caught faking nomination signatures in more than one riding can be deregisterred. Party's who don't file paperwork on time can be deregistered. Major penalties can result from falsifying Elections Canada documents, etc., and impersonating Election Canada is a major offence. 

Yet the party that is clearly responsible somehow isn't because the person appointed to enforce the law believes his job is to serve the person who appointed him, and the person who appointed him is the leader of the offending party. 

He wouldn't have been appointed to that position if he wasn't a supportive Conservative Party member in good standing, and a Conservative Party member would never do anything detrimental to the party's success or public standing, after all. 

That's how it works, and that is why the system has failed. There is no system of checks and balances. 

The facts,  were enough to call a new election 2 years ago, Elections Canada knew it then so he resigned rather than do his job and fulfill his oath, his replacement chose to fake an investigation, negate his oath and lie to the public.

The 'system of checks and balances' has failed in it's duty on a scale that amounts to treason.


Elections Canada Summary Of The Robocalls Incident:

CBC February 23, 2012. Robocalls to trick voters draw opposition fire: Fraudulent calls to direct voters to wrong polling stations traced to Edmonton call centre

CBC  Misleading robocalls went to voters ID'd as non-Tories, Pattern of calls points to party's voter identification database, opposition says. March 15, 2012:



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Topics: Governance
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appropriate penalty

As much as some of us might like to have the Conservative or Liberal Parties deregistered for the next election (at least in the affected ridings), the fact that the misleading calls occurred is not enough to prove who did it.  Without further information, the worst punishment you could justify would be monetary fines against the Parties or their contractors for failing to control the (ab)use of their robocall systems.

The Commissioner of Elections should not have ended the investigation - if he did not have the requisite powers to compel testimony he should have called in the police.  It isnt too late.  I wonder if anyone else can force the investigation to be re-opened...

Grammatical notes for the author's future reference:

- "its duty", not "it's duty".

- the plural of "Party" is "Parties"


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