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GroundWire 2009 June 12 Edition

Grassroots news coverage from coast to coast to coast

by GroundWire

GroundWire is a twice-monthly dose of grassroots independent journalism from the campus community radio sector of Canada.

This is the first bi-weekly edition of GroundWire, thanks to a grant from the Canadian Media Fund.

Presenting the June 12, 2009 Features:

- Akwesasne Mohawks stand off against the Canadian Border Services Agency | Laurin Liu (CKUT)

- Riot police evict squatters at the Autonomous Social Centre in Montreal | David Koch (CKUT)

- Toronto commemorates Injured Workers Day, June 1st | Krisitn Schwartz (CHRY)

- Opposition to the Alberta Tar Sands is on the rise | Chris Albinati (CKUT)

- Alberta continues to debate the controversial Bill 44 | Joe Burima (CJSW)

The following are the Headlines for June 12, 2009:

Stop the Raids campaign launched in Toronto. | Omme Rahemtullah (CHRY)

Montrealers called on the government to bring Abousfian Abdelrazik home. | Andrea Macnevin (CKDU)

We are looking for contributions for our next edition. Interested in participating? email to find out how.

The June 12 edition of GroundWire was produced at the National Campus and Community Radio Conference in Montreal, June 8-13, 2009.

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