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Unlike mainstream media, we can't count on corporate advertising dollars, and we can only continue our work thanks to your donations. As a grassroots organization, we don't spend a lot of money, but what we do spend is essential. The single biggest expense for us is paying grassroots journalists for their writing – doing so ensures that we continue to get high-quality, original submissions, and it is a basic act of dignity and justice to support people who have committed themselves to making media beyond the mainstream focused on struggles for a better world. As well, we need to pay for the basic infrastructure required to keep the website online and the organization functioning.

The most important way to support grassroots media outlets and media makers these days is through regular, automatic monthly donations. This approach allows outlets to budget and plan, and it gives us stability in our operations.

The easiest way to make either a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation is through PayPal.

Please note that donations will go to the "Dominion" or "Dominion Newspaper Co-operative" – don't worry, that's our legal name.

Alternatively, we can set up your monthly donations by credit card over the phone or from your chequing account -- please email us at info[at] to start the process.

You can also make one-time donations via Interac email transfer. Email us at info[at] for details!

As well, we will occasionally have a specific fundraising campaign using a crowdfunding platform. We'll let you know about these both on the site and through our social media. Or you can email info[at] and ask to join our newsletter list.

Thank you again for your support!