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CKUT Radio — Beyond Stop Harper round table

by Stefan Christoff

street poster Mai 68, Paris.
street poster Mai 68, Paris.

Listen to a round table on CKUT Radio's community news program Off the Hour, an in-studio discussion extending from the Beyond Stop Harper forum at The Media Co-op.

In this discussion activists and alternative media workers reflect on ways grassroots movements can collectively challenge the social violence of neo-liberal austerity and the Conservative agenda. This round table also touches on the challenges that grassroots activists in Canada face in getting the institutional left, trade union federations specifically, to move in the face of Conservative attacks on collective rights, the environment and indigenous peoples, while also touching on different inspiring efforts to fight back taking place across Canada.

Featuring artist Pascale Brunet, writer Dru Oja Jay and syndicalist Jérémie Bédard-Wien, discussion hosted by Stefan Christoff.

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Topics: Solidarity

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