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Bibes and the safe streets act, sitting in ordinance

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I had moved to Belleville Ontario very happily but really lacking since I did want to catch up to my daughter who is now seemingly not in a position to have a full fledged relationship with me? Also, I missed her wedding which really irked me too plus the birth of my great grandson her grandson was a problem to me however as i did not get to attend his birth. The other reason I did move is because there were some manuevers that were used to get rid of dissidents from buildings and of course I think I did not fight hard enough because if I had of I would have just come directly here and not stayed in Ottawa for any purpose. The next discussion that should follow is how the arraignment took place but it did not and when I did arrive in Belleville fully cognizant of the whole damages caused I did find a place on my own within a year or two however I was still homeless for an identifiable three year period at the least.

I did find out that welfare workers had put the hit on me and that the RCMP were the original members that helped. The AFT were the leader in the one time scuffle that obviously was not finished and the grizzly details are still to come or at least I keep thinking it is still to come some further form of institute assault on me. 

I am really ecstatic that I did make it here to Belleville even if things do not turn out and I did also get set up pretty good without a lot of difficulty as far as the commodity world goes and I do intend to stay for as long as possible unless the heat gets worse and I have no further opportunity to expose the public corruption that did take place under my watch on the day that the system did take my freedoms and forced me into the street to live because although I did have a place in a small room it was not a reasonable effort on the side of policy that took place to house me as a grandmother. 

I did force the city into a hand because the relationship I had was not fail proof and because I do love my family even if things are not always perfect. I was forced into a small apartment that does not cover my needs and that is underhoused and at best it is a form of peneology at best best described as I said corrupt and disregardent on behalf of ODSP. 

I do plan to take on any opportunity to stop the harassment and especially sexual harassment under the so called new rules or rulership really that is constantly irritating me and that is making my life unlivable. I have no record and what took place was a real dillemma a drug monitor and other cruelty was placed on me and I have no arrest record to prove it just five days of a preplanned incarceration in a hospital here in Ontario that was all ready illegal never mind the way it had come about. 

I have more to say and will be editing and adding the rest at present my computer is out of battery for today. 

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