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Vancouver, BC

Salsa en Minga

Salsa party in support of the indigenous Communications Network in Northern Cauca, Colombia

Saturday July 25 2009

Venue: Cambrian Hall
Address: 215 E 17th Avenue (Main Street & 17th Ave)
Cost: $10 (including free salsa lesson from 8:30-9:30)

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Presented by La Chiva Collective and Grupo Atarraya

La Chiva and Grupo Atarraya (with the help of many other friends) have begun a major fundraising campaign in support of the Tejido de Comunicación of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, Colomba.

The Tejido has asked for our help in raising funds to repair the equipment for Radio Pa-Yumat, their community radio station, which was destroyed last December by unknown saboteurs, seriously hindering their ability to accompany their communities with a radical communications strategy .

This and many similar attacks and threats have come from all of Colombia's armed actors and is related to their position of non-violent resistance to war and the effectiveness of the Tejido's communications strategy (see:

"Truth, participation and democracy derived from the communities are what social movements seek to strengthen within society. They are confronting the mass media, which engages in what might be more accurately regarded as propaganda rather than communication: the domination of the media landscape to ensure passive audiences and to halt the development of communication based on raising consciousness from social movements. Is this confrontation why the Communications Weavers are currently being pointed out, persecuted, and threatened?"
-- Vilma Almendra, member of the Tejido de Comunicación

This salsa party is one of several Vancouver events happening over this summer in support of the Tejido.

Cover: $10
Tickets available at the doors, or at the following locations:
Panaderia Latina Bakery: 4906 Joyce Street, Vancouver
Los Guerreros Latin Food Products: 3317 Kingsway, Vancouver
Drinks will be sold.

All proceeds go directly to the Tejido de Comunicación.


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