Activism Course eBook available for download

May 31, 2012

Activism Course eBook available for download

Available for free online viewing or printing to read offline, this booklet contains much of what was covered in the Activism Course: Building a Better World, that was run in the Fall of 2011 in Ottawa. Also features four appendices and a full page of additional resources with links.


Some of the questions that inspired this course:

  • What issues are important to you, and why? How can you develop a deeper understanding around them?
  • How can you best take action? How can you ensure that action is both rewarding and contributes to your personal growth, while still making a positive difference?
  • What makes some groups more effective than others? Is a group’s approach and perspective in alignment with your own? How can you best fit in a group’s work?
  • How do we keep a clear ‘larger-picture’ vision in focus while working on the concrete ‘on-the-ground’ steps towards that vision?


About the course facilitator / author:

Currenly a member of both IPSMO (Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa) and Organizing For Justice, Greg Macdougall has written and done multi-media work for outlets such as The Dominion, Linchpin, and He has facilitated workshops on topics such as media activism, Indigenous solidarity, systemic racism, environmental justice, outreach & recruitment, education, sexual health, conflict resolution, and more.


eBook Table of Contents

  • About the course
  • About this booklet (and, Session #0)
  • Session #1: Introductory exercises / values / going deeper
  • Session #2: Change activities that work…
  • Session #3: Concept brainstorming
  • Session #4: Community Organizing with Joan Kuyek
  • Session #5: Back to the values / even deeper
  • Appendix A: Book review – Community Organizing
  • Appendix B: Postive Learning Environments
  • Appendix C: Case Study – Independent Media Organizing
  • Appendix D: Edge-U-cation
  • Resource List: Links / Books / Podcast / Videos
  • Final Remarks: A bit about the Pedagogy / Andragogy


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