Toronto Rallies for Palestinian Liberation

Oct 13, 2023

Toronto Rallies for Palestinian Liberation

On Monday, October 9, 2023, the Palestinian Youth Movement called for a rally outside Toronto City Hall in support of Palestinian liberation. The mayor of Toronto, Olivia Chow, labeled this rally as “unsanctioned, without a permit” even though the public requires no such permit for people to gather and express themselves. Supporters of Palestinian liberation joined together in the streets to demand freedom for people in Gaza who are being killed by the Israeli apartheid state. These photos were taken during the rally.


Aunty with tray of chocolate treats shares them with protestors, including children


Protestor waves arm in the air as they chant along with protestors at rally


Palestine flag with Al-Aqsa Mosque waves in the air


Marshalls hold hands and shield protestors from the police lined up with their bikes


Protestor holds poster sign reading “Canada supports the murder of innocent Palestinians”


Young child sits on shoulders and waves at the giant Palestinian flag above him.


Three young men hold protest signs reading “end the occupation” and “this isn’t terrorism, this isn’t a conflict, this is decolonization, this is resistance!”


A young couple with khufiyas wrapped around their heads march with the Palestinian flag draped across their backs.


Two young men pose from a two-storey rooftop of condo building – one of them waves the Palestinian flag


A protestor holds two signs reading “end the illegal occupation of Palestine” and “land you have to kill for is not yours, land you have to die for is”


Streets are filled with protestors. A sign reads “we have not slept since 1948”


Four young women hold a khufiya across in support of Palestine.


Five young men hold one end of the giant Palestine flag stretched through the rally.


A protestors waves their arms up under a giant Palestine flag


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