Cannabis Culture Arrests: Trudeau's Thanks To The People Who Spearheaded The Urban Youth Vote

Mar 11, 2017

Cannabis Culture Arrests: Trudeau's Thanks To The People Who Spearheaded The Urban Youth Vote

Dan Dicks of libertarian-leaning site 'Press For Truth' interviewed Marc Emery in 2015 when Emery, recently released from a US prison after almost 5 years for seed sales, was vocally endorsing Justin Trudeau and encouraging legalization activists across Canada to do the same, even having 'Vote Liberal' in large red letters added to 4/20 rally posters, and many 4/20 rallies seemed like Liberal rallies that year with many speakers actively promoting what seemed to be the best option for legalization in terms of strategic voting.
The message was simple: Everyone but the Conservatives is pro-legalization, we have to avoid splitting the vote so vote Liberal.
The use of the massive annual 4/20 rallies in major cities across Canada to bring support for the Liberals are a large part of the reason Trudeau won, by a landslide, with active support from a large segment of the urban low-income youth population that usually doesn't even vote, including a very strong component of people of color.
The annual 4/20 rallies are a powerful political vehicle, built on a history going back decades, but also not really a vehicle that can be steered at will by anyone, including Emery, though he has done more to empower it, and has been able to use it more effectively than almost anyone else. However, organizers do have some control over what is presented, just not on whether the crowd accepts it.
The video of that interview resurfaced in this new video about the recent crackdown on the Cannabis Culture network, contrasted with News of Marc and Jodie Emery's arrest at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, makes a strong point.
Towards the end, Dan Dicks talks about how important the cannabis legalization movement's contribution to Justin Trudeau's campaign was. Justin Trudeau made a strongly worded promise to legalize:
"Marc and Jodie Emery have been the tip of the spear when it comes to rallying Canadians to get behind Trudeau and vote for him no matter what."...
..."they not only put utter blind faith in Trudeau, but they also galvanized the youth and the cannabis community in general to get behind this man who promised change, and it ended up putting them behind bars."

This is not an exaggeration, the impact of the legalization movement supporting Trudeau in 2015, largely because of Emery's influence over the cannabis activist community, has been greatly underestimated in the media, almost unmentioned. 

Other issues that won it for Trudeau have also been thrown under the bus as Trudeau reveals his real, agenda for Canada, and it looks a lot like Harper. 

Pipelines are being built without First Nations consent despite his promise to involve them, his support for electoral reform vanished since he was elected, though according to him it's Canadians who lost interest in it, and while he made a very big performance of announcing he had ended the Harper Government's P3 requirement for federal infrastructure funding, as he had promised, he actually started actually expanding the P3 requirement with the formation of the P3 driven 'infrastructure bank'.

In the case of the legalization promise, Trudeau is playing the long game like his father and later Jean Chretien did, using delay tactics to keep the ball rolling in circles until the next election, when after which they will come up with some new excuse why legalization can't happen.