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Fur Is Foolish Demonstration at Ontario Fur Farm April 1st, 2014

by K.O.A.L.A (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance)

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On Tuesday, April 1st, several activists from KOALA (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) demonstrated at Springbrook Fur Farm in St. Agatha, ON to expose the lies of the fur industry.

Protesters used the motto “Don’t be fooled by the fur industry” in recognition of April Fool’s Day, claiming that while fur is marketed as environmentally-friendly and humane, it is in fact a major pollutant of groundwater and air, as well as cruel to animals.


Springbrook kills 30-50 000 mink each year. The farm installed a Slurrystore container last year, standing 23 feet tall and 100 feet in diameter, designed to hold excrement from the animals. However, the Slurrystore is similar to containers which have overflowed and/or leaked into the environment, contaminating drinking water aquifers and rivers, as well as adding methane and other pollutants to the air. Community members should also question how the waste was contained prior to its construction.


The chemicals used to treat pelts – formaldehyde and chromium, for example – are major carcinogens/pollutants.


Intensive animal agriculture mandates that animals live in cramped wire cages, which drives many of them to self-mutilation and insanity.


The demonstration lasted two hours and included chants and songs – even dancing – despite the cold April winds.




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